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X y imaging and lidar range detection

hello all

new to pixy and have only watched a hand full of videos on this cool little camera .

my 1st question is can pixy be used to map the direction of what it sees in frame similar to how a optical mouse functions with x, y coordinates .

2nd id like to use pixy as a lidar range detection system. could pixy detect a laser spot moving up and down its field of view and give and output accordingly.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forums!

  1. Not sure, but it sounds like you’re asking about creating vectors (or similar)? Pixy doesn’t do this by default, it just returns X-Y coordinates and area of colors you teach it (in color connected components mode, anyway). You could write some code to calculate vectors…

  2. Pixy can detect lasers, yep! Not sure if the output is high-res enough for LIDAR purposes…YMMV.

Hope this helps!


Hello Jesse

Perhaps it is im not very sure of the correct terminology really as i am very new to robotics as a subject, give me a PLC and a servo that’s broken and im away. Easy .

What i suppose i mean for my needs is that i want it to take frames and anticipate or assign a vector from that whole frame, assuming that there are no conflicting vectors within and that there is a general vector across the whole image. Hope that makes sense.

Im afraid i don’t have to knowledge or skills to write in a code to make pixy do what i need.

another way i know how it could work is grid the whole image say 10 by 10 and take the information from the outer edges only and measure pixle by pixle in only those outer grid frames to save compute power and maximize frame rate. … sounds good but ive no clue how to start let alone finish an undertaking like that.

its a shame really as pixy has more than high enough resolution for that need.

ok thats cool at least :slight_smile:

Yah - these kinds of algorithms usually run closer to the processor, like Pixy2’s color and line detection algorithms. You could implement them in Arduino, but it would make more sense to have it happen closer to bare metal.

It sounds like you might be looking for something like optical flow, which isn’t something that Pixy2 does, but other systems like OpenCV, OpenMV, or JeVois might.

Hope this is helpful!