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x, y of multiple object - Reverse engineering Bricasso


First, I hope my english will be clearly for everybody :wink:

I want to do a reverse engineering on this project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4neo4fRw2M
The first step is to replace the color sensor by a pixycam. But I wonder if it is possible to receive all the x and y coordinates of the red bricks for example ?
Because I read that block return only x and y of the biggest object…

Have you some ideas or solution to use pixycam for this project ?


Hello Eric,
Cool video! It looks like a fun project. Pixy is good at locating objects in the environment and reporting their locations. Pixy could probably do a scan like this faster than his invention. The challenge might be reassembling into an image. I’ll ask around and see if anyone has any ideas!