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Is Pixy 2 compatible with Mindstorms?


Is Pixy 2 compatible with Mindstorms? I don’t see anything about it in the wiki.


I would like to know this as well. WIll the current pixy mindstorm program block work with the pixy2?


Hey y’all,

it’s not officially supported yet, and I’m uncertain as to the status. I’ll let @edge chime in on this one.


I’m interested in this as well.

On the hardware side, looking at the old Pixy docs it seems the key to supporting the Mindstorm EV3 Brick was having 82K pull-up resistors vs 4.7K on the SDA and SCL lines: http://www.cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Hooking_up_Pixy_to_LEGO_Mindstorms

From the Pixy2 docs, it looks like 82K resistors are used, therefore the hardware should support communicating with the EV3 Brick (I believe). Maybe the only issue is updating the software blocks?

@edge or others, could you chime in to confirm?


Hello AK,
Good news and not so good news. Good news: yes, we are working on this and have plans on releasing. It will have new line tracking support as well as raw “RGB” value support. But (not so good news) we don’t have a date yet. (sorry!)


Thanks, Edward.

I’m happy to develop drivers for ev3dev. Could you confirm that the hardware should be compatible and that the Pixy Mindstorms Cable will work to connect to the EV3 Brick via I2C?


Hi AK,
Yes, Pixy2 is compatible and uses the same LEGO to Pixy cable. You’re familiar with EV3 driver development? If you’re interested in helping with development I’ll put you in touch with Rich LeGrand.



Hi. I’ve just discovered Pixy and Pixy2 and it looks great fun. Are you saying the Pixy2 as it stands should offer support for Mindstorms EV3 in the future or will there be a special hardware version with a different connector?

Hi IrishClanger,
That’s right — Pixy2 will include MIndstorms EV3 (and NXT) support in the future (end of 2018?) It will be the same hardware, just new firmware with the a LEGO communication option. We will also offer a LEGO Pixy2 “version” that will have a regular Pixy2 and LEGO-Pixy cable in the box. It will have a hard-coded LEGO communication mode version of the firmware.


Thanks for the info. So if I buy Pixy2 before then I would be able to flash the firmware for Lego and then buy the cable separately? I have an mBot, which I see someone has got the original Pixy working with, and a few Raspberry Pis so could make use of the Pixy2 in the meantime.

That’s right. You’ll be able to use any Pixy2 with LEGO once we release the firmware, provided you either make a cable or purchase/obtain one.


Hi. Do you already know when a Pixy 2 with Lego will be available?

We don’t have a date yet (sorry!)


Thanks, Edward for the fast answer.
Although you haven’t a date yet, is it possible that the Lego software will be released this year?
We are starting a school project with the EV3 about autonomous driving and really need these great new Pixy 2 cams!
Best, Vinz

We hope to release it before the end of the year. It’s currently in development. It would be easier to estimate if it was out of development… we’re crossing our fingers it will be released this year.


Hi will pixy 2 be compatible with Mindstorms before Christmas?

I’m going to go ahead and say “probably not.” Lots of other stuff going on in development. But we’re working on it!

Roughly what time of next year will it come out?.

Jesse and I are speculating — it will likely be ready before March 2019.

Thanks for your interest!


I’m assuming that Mindstorms support for Pixy2 would include accessing information on detected blocks. Would it also include the ability to:
a) Turn the lamp on and off?
b) Move pan/tilt servos?

I have a project that I am keen to look at early next year so March 2019 would be great for the support to be available!