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Is Pixy 2 compatible with Mindstorms?


Hello Grant,
Lamp support is there. Pan-tilt servos is probably not going to be there. There is a problem with the ability of the LEGO bricks to provide enough power for the servos.



Thanks for the reply. Shame about the power issue!



We want to use your cam to participate to the robocup in april.
I would like to know if the date still in march?


That is our hope :slight_smile:


Ok think you.
How can we be posted for the release?


We will announce both on charmedlabs.com and pixycam.com.

We also have a newsletter/mailing list. You can sign up – it’s at the footer of pixycam.com.



Hi Everybody,
I just have succesfuly tested connecting pixy2 with lego mindstorms ev3 brick, using libpixyusb2, following your tutorial from: wiki:v2:building_libpixyusb_as_a_python_module_on_linux
So it is possible to use pixy2 with lego mindstorms via USB. However you’ll have to use ev3dev as your OS and manage your brick via embedded Bluetooth radio instead of USB-attachable WiFi dongle.

BTW. in aforementioned tutorial, you should also include, installing python-dev package - building Pixy2 SWIG module will fail without it.
And regarding git clonning - it is sometimes useful to do shallow clone to prevent git from dying, like: git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/charmedlabs/pixy2.git.

Hope someone will find this useful :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


I have also tried to connect Pixy 2 over I2C with LEGO EV3. The brick is using the latest ev3dev image and I have used generic Sensor python class to communicate with it. And I’m only partially successful. The thing is that I’m getting some data but these are…well…kind of inconsistent. I can see that the values comming in are repetetive as I can distinguish a kind of a ‘pattern’ in which the data is comming through but the readouts I get for expected parameters(like X and Y centroids and dimentions of a certain signature) are more or less random and makes no sense.
Does somebody has any suggestion as why this is happening ?
Is it the case of I2C driver on ev3dev(I had manually loaded lego-pixy driver) or is it that Pixy2 has to send I2C data using I2C LEGO protocol(though ev3dev understands generic I2C protocol) which isn’t yet implemented in Pixy2 firmware ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there.

Any update on the pixy2 for lego launch date ?
I can’t wait to give it a try :stuck_out_tongue: !


As you can see people are slowly gathering here with pitchforks and torches, demanding LEGO support for Pixy2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Good timing! We have it ready and it will be announced on Monday Feb 18. At least a few distributors will have stock on that date as well. :slight_smile:



Perfect !
I will have to be quick then :wink:

Thanks for the update Edge.


So can we buy the available pixy2 now or wait as the updated one maybe customized for lego ev3


Hello Karim,
Well, you can use Pixy2 with LEGO Mindstorms, but you’ll need a LEGO cable, which comes with the LEGO version of Pixy2. You can make a LEGO cable though. The information will be available next week.



Hello Edward,

since pixy2 lego has been released, will there be a firmware update available so I could made my Pixy 2 Lego-ready too ?




Hello Potato,
It should all be up on the downloads page:


and there’s this:



I have updated the firmware and… it works(with standard LEGO ev3 firmware)!
…now I need to figure it out how to make it work with ev3dev…

Anyways - thanks a lot!




Hi Potato,
I found this:


I hadn’t heard of ev3dev, but it looks really cool! We’re tied up on other projects, but perhaps you could bug the developer to give Pixy2 a try. :slight_smile:



Thanks Edward!
I had already tried this tutorial and the outcome depends on what I set the pixy 2 interface on. When I set it on standard I2C, the python script I use receives just random numbers but when I switch pixy 2 to LEGO I2C interface the script receives no data whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if I turn pixy 1 compatibility mode on or not. First I thought that maybe something is wrong with the LEGO-pixy cable that I made but as I wrote in my previous post - it works perfectly fine with default EV3 system.
Well - I only hope that some good souls are working now on developing a driver for pixy2 :slight_smile:
Anyways - thanks for your interest on this one :slight_smile: