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Is Pixy 2 compatible with Mindstorms?


Can the pan/tilt be powered by a USB power pack instead? I couldn’t tell from the assembly info. Thanks.


Are you asking if you can use the pan/tilt with Pixy2 LEGO by powering it from an alternative source, such as USB?

The LEGO I2C interface doesn’t support servo commands, but you could use regular I2C if you are using a different firmware for the EV3. The power issue should be solved by using USB to provide extra power to the servos.



Yes, thanks Edward, that’s what I meant exactly. I have used ev3dev before so that sounds like a good option for Mindstorms with pan & tilt. Cheers!


Let me know how it works out :slight_smile:


Hey IrishClanger! Did you try to connect pixy 2 with ev3dev ? Were you successful in getting meaningfull data out of it ?


I recently wrote a tutorial how to use Pixy2 (and the original Pixy) on ev3dev. Hope this is usefull for you. Any suggestions about this tutorial are welcome. I still have to update my tutorial on the ev3dev website.



Hi Kees,
I overheard someone here talking about ev3dev the other day. This is awesome :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing!!! I can’t wait to play with this. :slight_smile:



Hi Edge,

I updated my tutorial for Pixy/Pixy2 on ev3dev. Besides some textual changes I also added a linetracking tutorial. You can find it on Github: https://github.com/KWSmit/Pixy_ev3dev.
I also send a message to Rich LeGrand.
I’ll be off for a few weeks now, but like to hear what you think of my tutorial. Any remarks (also on my English) are welcome. If you guys think its fine, we can share it on this forum.



Hello Kees,
This is great! Please post another message but different topic so it’s easier to find! And let us know if you need anything or have any suggestions.

thanks man! :slight_smile:



Hi Edward,

I just posted a new topic in Pixy LEGO. I hope it’s useful for someone.