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Unable to connect to device

I have a problem.

I received the pixy a couple of days ago. Installed things according to instructions. Everything worked beautifully.

Got up this morning to actually start working on my project. Plugged the pixy in and put it into raw and got only VERY blurry colors on pixymon. Disconnected Pixy. Reconnected pixy. Got Pixy detected, error:Unable to connect to device. Over and over.

Attempted to reinstall drivers. Can only find Pixy CMUcam5 to remove. Removed it. Reinstalled Pixymon with the beta version (same version as was working previously). Oh and BTW originally I updated firmware to work with beta version. It did look to preinstall drivers but did not run through the normal install driver thing until I plugged it in.

Everything seemed to install correctly and went to look at pixy. Again getting Pixy detected – error: Unable to connect to device. Over and over.

The installed Pixy CMUcat5 says it is working properly.

Are there other drivers that I am missing that need to be reinstalled? Or is it broken? Nothing was done with it previously except to test it (gently) and admire it.

I have also tried changing firmware and pixymon to stable version. Tried on second computer. Tried tested USB cord (1 M).

This is what I get.

error: No Pixy devices have been detected.
Pixy detected.
Pixy firmware version 0.1.44

CCB1 frame data
error: Pixy has stopped working.
Pixy detected.
error: Unable to connect to device.
Pixy detected.
error: Unable to connect to device.
etc, etc…

Getting desperate.

Can you please help?

I also emailed this but before I tested the firmware, etc…

Hello again.

Just to cover all the basis I tried connecting the pixy With a different power source (connected through an arduino) - no change in behavior. There is one more thing to note though - The LED appears to operate correctly when you first power up the pixy (flashes and all that) - but then the red and blue LEDs are VERY faintly illuminated. I also tried putting it into the mode to recognize an object and the LED never flashes - it simply stays with the faint illumination.

I’m not sure there is anything else to try here. I look forward to your reply.



I’m Currently facing the same problem as you are,i hope somebody will come up with the solution.
Thank You


Hi Karen,

Hmm it sure sounds like you’ve tried everything. When it was working the first time, what all did you test out on the Pixy? Did you try it on Pixymon and Arduino? If you have not been able to resolve your problem then we may have to send you a new Pixy. Sorry for the inconvenience!



I just signed up to tell that I cannot connect the Pixy device anymore but KAREN already exactly described the problem I have! The device worked fine and was mounted properly.
I didn’t changed anything. I can still upload a new firmware, the LEDs are blinking on start-up AND then all RGB LEDs are illuminated very little but Pixymon is not finding the device :frowning:

I want to go on with my project, I waited so long to get my Pixy (due to the fact that I live in Germany) it worked fine and now I am a bit confused how to get this thing in operation again. If this is a hardware failure I would replace a IC on my own (except the BGA-One)

Any Ideas?



Hi Alexander,

Sorry for your troubles. Have you worked through the “troubleshooting”:http://cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki guide in the wiki? Please look through the pages there and let me know how it goes.


I’ve just signed in. I have the same issue like Alexander’s and I do not know how to proceed further.
Please note that I have also worked through the “troubleshooting” http://cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki.
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Hey Christos, sorry you’re having trouble! We’ll follow up directly via email.


can you share the mail with me as well, I am facing the same issue. My Pixy2 is not detected in device manager. if I press the white button and then if I connect I see pixy in device manager but when i connect it normally i dont see it.

Sure, emailing you now.

I have just received my pixy2 in the mail, I have encountered the same problems and the troubleshooting wiki from above is of no help. Can I too receive that email?